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Villa di Tissano Hotel & Restaurant

Located just a few minutes by car from Udine is the charming Villa di Tissano, which dates back to the sixteenth century. This ancient and noble Friulian residence has been renewed and enriched several times throughout the centuries with new rooms halls, furnishings, and gardens, making the Villa the natural and relaxing oasis that it is today.

Without modifying the original structure and its unique 16th century characteristics, a part of the Villa was transformed into a hotel with a restaurant. In this informal and pleasant atmosphere, guests relax, immersed in the noble country life of another era. Obtained from the original buildings such as the ancient tower, the greenhouse, the granaries and the noble apartments, each of the 22 rooms in the Villa is unique, faithful to its rustic origins without forgoing every modern convenience and comfort.

Perhaps the most beautiful "room' of the Villa is its lovely garden. Perfect for a morning or evening stroll, it also provides the ideal setting for an outdoor meal or a party..

The old master kitchen, the typical Osteria (once the attendant's kitchen), as well as the baroque dining room offer settings for a romantic dinner for two as well as for official occasions such as conferences and banquets. Our young chef creates special seasonal menus, prepared according to local traditions. These simple but delicious Friulan meals are best appreciated when they are accompanied by the excellent local Friulan wines.

The central body of the Villa, carefully maintained in its original state, is still the most important and notable part of the whole structure. Guests are offered the opportunity to visit it on our guided tours that will bring to life the rich history of the house and tell of the noble origins the family that once owned the Villa di Tissano. The Villa creates for its guests an authentic Friulan experience with the flavour of bygone days.

The Villa di Tissano is situated at the centre of the town that shares its name. It is found on the main route going from Udine to Palmanova (between Lauzacco and Santo Stefano Udinese).

If you want to organize a meal or a party, please contact us for a reservation so that we can cater to your specific requirements and make your time at Villa di Tissano a pleasant and memorable experience

Villa di Tissano, Piazza Caimo 4, I 33050 Santa Maria la longa ( Ud ), Italia